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Season One Torrents, Anyone?

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Yay! I had never heard of bakabt, and I found it as soon as I searched it. I really appreciate it, thank you all so much :-D

Remember that BakaBT only hosts completed series. Dokkan will not be hosted until it is complete. But then again if you are just now starting with season 1, we may be done by the time you finish watching haha.

@PsychicKid: I'm actually watching Dokkan now, ha ha. My brother is getting into it though, so I wanted him to start at the beginning :D

@mewsisi Story of my life...I stumbled back into Ojamajo Doremi after my brother googled 'maho-shoujo'. It's amazing how he denies it in public yet squeals every time there's a Hazuki/Yada episode. :-D

That is cute.


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